21 Day Ultimate Reset

Sunday April 22, 2012 I began my 21 Day Ultimate Reset.  The Ultimate Reset is a complete, 3-phase daily program that provides you with everything you need to Reclaim your body's natural balance, Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and Restore your system to its maximum health. (More info here: UltimateReset.com/TeamHodgins )

Danielle's Ultimate Reset
So - a little background first.  I'm 37 years old, in decent shape, workout regularly, teach a cardio kickboxing class called Turbo Kick 5 times a week, and eat 'healthy'.   But I've also struggled with my weight my entire life, up to 300 lbs at my known highest, even had gastric bypass 9 years ago, suffer from severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Iron Deficiency Anemia.  I wanted to see how following this reset would affect my insides, my digestion, my energy, my focus & mental clarity that I had been struggling with.  So - the week prior to my reset coming, I over indulged, was up a few pounds and constantly fighting bloat from iron supplements and too much salt and crap as well.

Here are some video recaps I made along the way until I can finish typing the reset journey as well.


Day 8:

Day 15:

Day 21:
Results: -14 pounds down!  Feel AMAZING!  No Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms,  Awesome Energy, Great Mood, Clearer Skin, Mental Clarity and Focus, Fewer Headaches.  Just feel AWESOME!! 
Oh - and I suppose I should mention... after seeing me complete it, my son and husband each decided to do a round of it and they lost over 21 pounds in their 21 days doing the Ultimate Reset...SHOWOFFS!  Pfftt! LOL Seriously they feel great and what a difference 21 days can make! Get your body back!!

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If you're ready to reset - order here and I will be your personal coach and help you every step of the way!